Company Brief

Since the beginning, Shagang has aimed to operate at an advanced international level. By doing so it has created a first-rate iron and steel enterprise, which promotes scientific and technological innovation, plus management and mechanism innovation, so as to ensure its enterprises achieve sustained and stable development. At present, the enterprise holds more than RMB108 billion in total assets, with more than 16,700 employees.


万众一心加油干 不负韶华再向前! 沙钢集团隆重举行迎春团拜会

1月20日晚,沙钢宾馆张灯结彩,宾朋满座,到处洋溢着喜庆祥和的气氛,集团公司在这里... more[01/23]

Social Responsibility

Shagang in Scientific Outlook on Development under the guidance of the implementation of "build, always not to move or retreat the old factory, the construction of green city" development strategy, adhere to the construction of cleaner production and environment-friendly enterprises as the goal...