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Jiangsu Shagang Group Co., Ltd is in Zhangjiagang, an emerging industrial port city on the the coast line of the Yangtze River, with Shanghai, Suzhou and Wuxi nearby, as is the Hutong Yangtze River Bridge, which is currently under construction. The 10km-long harbor along Yangtze River and convenient express highway are bringing transport advantages from both the land and river.

Shagang is an iron and steel enterprise that was established in 1975, with RMB450,000 of self-raised capital. Since the beginning, Shagang has aimed to operate at an advanced international level. By doing so it has created a first-rate iron and steel enterprise, which promotes scientific and technological innovation, plus management and mechanism innovation, so as to ensure its enterprises achieve sustained and stable development. At present, the enterprise holds more than RMB114 billion in total assets, with more than 15,000 employees. It also has a complete set of integrated, advanced level steel and iron processing equipment and facilities, for sintering, pellet making, coking, iron processing, steel making, hot rolling, cold rolling and the corresponding auxiliary plants.  As the country's largest EAF processed steel and prime special steel production base, a Jiangsu province key enterprise group and national super-scale industrial enterprise, Shagang has received many awards, such as: "The National Customer Satisfactory Enterprise", "China Quality Reputation Level AAA Enterprise", "Credit Enterprise of China, National Innovative Enterprise", "Jiangsu Province Advanced Technology Enterprise", "Jiangsu Province Recycling Economic Development Model Enterprise", "Jiangsu Province Integration of Informationization and Industrialization Model Enterprise", "Jiangsu Province Quality Management Excellence Award" and "Cleaner Production Advanced Enterprises in Jiangsu province".

The enterprise's leading products, such as "Shagang Brand" heavy plate, hot rolled strip coil, cold rolled strip coil, high speed wire rod, barincoil, ribbed steel bar and so on, have been classified in over in 10 series, 300 varieties. Even our high speed wire rods and ribbed steel bars have been given awards, such as "Gold Cup Award of International Advanced Physical Product Quality", "National Customers' Satisfactory Products". Our ribbed steel bar has obtained CARES certification, Prime Wire rods were made a "Chinese Famous Brand" product and "Inspection-Exempted Export" commodity. Output and export of the prime wire rod both rank No. 1 in China for consecutive years; hot-rolled strip coil passed the CE Certification of EU; shipbuilding plate has passed the classification authorities' authentication process in 10 countries.

Since 2016, the market has been in a severely unstable condition. In order to overcome such difficulties, following guidance and support from the government and society, Shagang realized its unique competitive advantages. It has consistently relied on technological innovation and optimization of the product mix structure, has made great strides in reducing emissions and conserving energy, has expanded the market and, finally, as a consequence of our production and management, we have continued to proceed on an effective and stable road of development. Output for iron making, steel making and rolled products reached, respectively, 18.4 million, 20.38 million and 20.28 million tons; with a sales income of RMB104.4 billion and taxation of RMB 5.3 billion.

In the future, Shagang will implement its scientific outlook on development, in order to achieve the strategic target of: "Construct High-Quality Products Base, Build a Longstanding Enterprise". We have retained the concept of "Transformation, Innovation and Upgrading" as the command; "Quality, Efficiency and Benefit" as the pursuit; Promoting Transformation and Upgrading, Structure Optimization; Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction. All effort will be made to create a Shagang with a powerful core competitiveness and distinctive base that supplies prime flat and long products, for an environmentally friendly steel city that can efficiently utilize resources for production, so that enterprise and society together create a harmonious atmosphere.